Finally OK with UK



Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur – London – Oxford – Bath – Glasgow – Edinburgh – Ayr – London – Cardiff – Salisbury – Stonehenge – London – New York – East Lansing, 1-21 february 2011.

Two weeks in United Kingdom, 16 days, 8 cities, 3 regions (England, Scotland, Wales)

It was not until Air Asia launched a new route to London that I want to go to UK. I used to regret that I did not visit United Kingdom when I was studying in Netherlands. Amsterdam-London is just a few hours away. It was for a quite stupid reason. I have applied for UK visa in 2008, and i was scheduled to have visa interview in Amsterdam, but i got up late and decided not to take the interview. So stupid of me. So when Air Asia promoted their sale on the London ticket last August, I decided to enter USA via UK. On 22 December I left USA via Honolulu (after my best beach vacay ever with hubby for a week) since my visa permit is only until 23 Dec (after 6 month stay in US). I spent only one month in Jakarta, and leaving back to US again to accompany my beloved husband in East Lansing.

The promotion tix was very cheap. Kuala Lumpur-London was less about $200! That’s a great deal for a intercontinental flight to Europe.  I was quite paranoid to flew by domestic Indonesian airlines. The many accidents happened some years ago terrified me, and I’ve experience some turbulence in he air, and I couldn’t stand it. It it not that I did not love my country, nope. It is not about patriotism. I just need to fly safely, and to arrive safe and sound in one peace. Fortunately my flight to London was operated by another airplane (I forgot the name, star with R..). It was a comfy and quite spacious to put my legs on.

arrived in Stansted airport London, I need to take bus for 1.5 hours to reach downtown London. London has 4 airports (Heathrow, London City, Gatwick, and Stansted). Stansted is the farthest airport from London. It is about 45 km from London. There are many alternative way to get out from Stansted, either by train or bus. I took the cheapest way, which was by EasyBus for about 6.5 pundsterling for one-way.

Having learned bout the picturesque England, I was ready to be amazed by London. And it was true. London was a mixture between classic Europe and modern metropolitan. It is a big place with (too) many objects to visit. Nothing is more stressful than to decide which place to be  visited first. and most places are worth-visited.

i stated with the must-visited landmarks, like London Bridge, Big Ben, House of Parliament and London Eye. I then continued with the museums, like the British Museum, Albert Museum, and National Gallery.

Thanks to Megabus, I can travel to some cities surrounding London for a very affordable price. I went to Oxford, Bath, Cardif and Salisbury-Stonehenge.

I also visited Scotland, my childhood favorite country (after Spain) for three days. I flew by RyanAir to Glasgow and took megaBus to Edinburgh.


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