New Wetsuit


Just arrived today: my new Roxy wetsuit and rashguard, yayy! Cant wait until May to come home to Indonesia. I plan to take diving certification in Jakarta, called Open Water PADI. I already have two wetsuits before, but they are short, or popularly called as Spring Suit (since it is short, it is usually worn in Spring). My previous wetsuits are all in blue. So do my rashguards, they are mostly blue. This time I chose fuschia (arent they bright and cheerful?).

My first Wetsuit was bought by eBay for USD30. It was a great deal. Well, it was eBay, it was not difficult to find a great price. My second wetsuit was bought in Roxy Honolulu, accidently. I suppose to buy a long rashguard in Roxy Kids (with the largest size, it really fits my size!). But then I found a turquoise wetsuit, which I couldn’t find in Roxy’s website. After fitting it (pict below), I bought it for USD 64. I kept it in Jakarta.

So I have two Spring Suits, and no wetsuit. I keep watching this fuschia wetsuit for months and it was a wrong decision. On the day I buy, my size was out of stock. I sould have bought it months before (instead of just wathcing it) so I can get my size :(. Well fine, i’ll take size 4. And a 50% discounted rashguard, still in fuschia. Thanks to Roxy’s welcome bonus, i got 10% discount and free shipping, yayy!

In less than a week (which is today), the fuschia wetsuit and rashguard are coming by UPS! Now I cant wait for May, when I will (finally) leave USA to return to Indonesia. Im ready to dive and exploring te beautiful coral reefs there! 🙂

I previously have another springsuit that I bought in Honolulu. It was in navy blue for US$64. It’s a normal price, but this model is so rare and is not available in Roxy’s online. Actually it is for girls, but i chose the biggest size which fits me well. I love it!

in front of Roxy store, Honolulu, in a rainy day.



All those new wetsuits remind me to my first wetsuit. I bought it from ebay for US$33! It was a great deal for a sringsuit! It is actually springsuit for boys, but again, in this contonent my body fits the teenager’s size better, haha. So I bought this navy blue springsuit, and usually wear it for swimming (before I brought my real swimsuit from jakarta). This springsuit is of course much warmer than my half-sexy swimsuit, haha.

I plan to buy another wetsuit before leaving US. we’ll see, but seems it will be another Roxy wetsuit 🙂


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