March 2011 Travel Books


New travel books for March 2011 are both Lonely Planet’s collection. One is “The Big Trip”, which is a great tips book. It is full of advices and tips to travel in different countries. It tells you how to travel smart (get planning, paperworks, money and costs, health and safety, get packing, takeoff, touchdown, staying in touch, being a good traveller, coming home), and how to tailor your trip (who with?, transport options, accomodation, adventure trail, festival circuit, jobs, working with kids, teaching english, volunteering and courses), and of course, it tells you where to go. I lllove reading this book! The contents are very practical and sharp!

the second Lonely Planet I bought this moth is “Best Lonely Planet Travel Writing”, which resambles “Best American Travel Writing” if u like to read wonderful journeys by wonderful high-caliber travelers. Like a novel, it has no pictures. Well, itis not a reading for a tired times tho.


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