Im not a person who will wear bikini (or monokini, or tankini) on the beach. Not that i dont have a good body (hahah). I just dont feel comfortable showing too much skin, eventhough it is in the beach. One solution for a person like me for swimming is rashguard. Usually rashguard is worn for surfing, but nowadays it is getting more acceptable to wear it for swimming too.  Like my wetsuits, I always end up buying Roxy rashguard. I just love this brand. My first three Roxy rashguards were bought from Dick’s East Lansing.

This white rashguard seems cute (worn by a model).

But nope. One lesson from my experience is: NEVER wear WHITE rashguard! It is very transparent! Once I dipped in Waikiki beach for a wave check, it was a nightmare.

I should worn undertank beneath. Unfortunately I dont realize this before buying the others.

This is another white and (thankfully) blue rashguard. Eventhough this one is slightly better than the all-white rashguard above, but still the transparency made me uncomfortable to wear it.’

One more nightmare is when I wore this pink (and white, eek!) rashguard. It is rashguard for girls (as usual) and looks very cute and girly.

But wait til I wore it for snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. It looks fine on the sand.. but…

But when I dipped on the water, It just getting more transparent, eeeww!

So the best way is to wear rashguard with solid color, like blue, pink or black.

One very safe color is black. And it looks very cool too! haha..! (worn by model)

One disadvantage of wearing black rashguard is that black absorbs heat. One minor lack that will not disturb me.

This one is safest (and cheaptest): a blue rashguard I boght from Meijer Okemos. It is rashguard for boys, but as usual it fits me ;P.

It wont show anything beneath.

Yayy finally I can surf without worrying bout my wearing! For a self-compliment for this ‘lesson’ (hahaha) I got myself a (of course) blue Quiksilver rashguard. It is actually for boys, but you know the story ;P


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