I did not really intend to visit Slovakia at that day. On my last day in Vienna, I did not know where to go next. Seems I have visited the main attractions. So I went buying a ticket to Bratislava on 12.00.

In less than an hour, I arrived in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Without map or a survey about Slovakia or where to go, I visited this small places. It was a gamble visit. I need to depart drom Vienna bak to my home in Leiden on 19.30, which meant I only had less than 4 hours to be in Bratislava. So I began that rush travel by meandering the city.

I was lucky that I arrived in one of the main street. Unfortunately, since it was Fall most of the shops were already closed. The only thing to do was to enjoy the esterior architectures of the old building around the city. No museum visit, no palace to explore. There. But.. the dimmed yellow lights along the street make the city quite romantic. Bratislava is not a crowded place. Its a middle size city with strong antiquity and vintage atmosphere.

Bratislava became my shortest visit abroad (less than 4 hours). After that I had to run to the train station to catch my train. I supposed to miss my Eurolines bus to return home to Leiden, when I found my bus was still standing. The driver was counting the passanger whe he found his last passanger, losing breath, finally arrived. With popped rolling eyes, he let me in. I went bak to Leiden with proud of the short (and rush) visit to Slovakia, without plan and intention.


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