Pronge & Plugs


One problem when traveling abroad is plugging. Countries have different plug type, and we need to have the ‘local’ one in order to get the gadgets charged. The one in Indonesia is two-pronge type, which is the same one used in mainland Europe. So I dont need to bring different plug when travelling to Europe. First problem with plugging came when I moved to Japan to study. Japan uses two-flat-pronge type, which made me had to find adapter in super-expensive Japan store. Alright. I need to live anyway. One thing Japanese and American have in common is their plugging. Yep, they are the almost the same. It just that USA is not always two-flat prong, but can also be the two-flat and one-round prong. So all Japanese gadgets can be used in USA without changing the prong, but USA gadgets with three-pronge plug cannot be used in Japan. Unfortunately, it took 5 years later for me to move to US after Japan. I had lost some of those Japanese pluggers. So i need to find my Japanese plugs back to bring them to US. Above is EU-to-US adapter, which is of course hard to find in Indonesia. The opposite adapter (US to EU) (picture below) is very easy and cheap to find in any electronic store in Indonesia. Here in US we use this two-flat or two-flat and one-round pronge. One tacky adapter is this US-to-all adapter. This is practical when you bring your American gadgets abroad. It has a grumpy face ;P Lets get back to Europe. I entered UK with confidence, except for the plugging. I thought UK use the same plugging type as EU (hey, they both are in Europe). I was wrong. UK uses the big three-flat  type. Fine. There. I have to find adaptor, again. I’ll call it an emergency situation (thinking about my mobile, camera, and laptops), I bought it at the nearest shop I can reach in Victoria Station in London. And it costs 7 poundsterling (!) just for a simple EU-to-UK adapter, grrr.. Well, it is Samsonite, but who needs brand for plugging? I faced the same problem with the same plug type in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (isnt it a coincidence that Malaysia was UK’s colony that they have the sampe plugging type? interesting). The night Irfan and I arrived in our Swiss Hotel in Chinatown Kuala Lumpur, we found that our neighboring country has different plugging. Oh, fine.. after all similarities (even to fight about) between Indonesia and Malaysia (batik, tempe, traditional songs & dances, and so on), now WHY must we have DIFFERENT plugger? Please, brothers! (im getting somewhat political. sorry). Back to hotel. With tired ayes and backs, we strolled down Chinatown to find Malaysian plugger. After more than one hour, we found it at a department store for cheap. I wish I brought that Malaysian plugger to UK so I didnt have to buy that fancy Samsonite adapter 😥

One solution for all those problem is using a universal travel adapter.

It provides all types of plugs worldwide, handy, and cheap. Well, it is cheap in Ebay (about US$6), but not the one I bought in HongKong Airport (HK$180/US$23) or in Ambassador Mall Jakarta (IDR 90,000). One tip is, never buy the one that you can click. It doesnt plug well. Choose the one whose parts can be separated. And you are all set and safe.


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