2nd Schengen


Finally, my second Schengen visa is approved, yayy! Alhamdulillah. It took 7 days to have my visa approved by the Polish embassy.

At first I couln’t decide which embassy (France, Spain, Poland, or Germany) to whom I would apply the visa for. France, as the first point my plane will land and the last point before returning home, has the priority to be the one. Spain has the quickest in my mind, since IBEI Barcelona was the one which was the quickest to issue an acceptance letter. Germany was the strongest candidate. I was sure to apply to Germany Embassy in Thamrin, Jakarta. But not until I arrived in Jogja to pick up my acceptance letter from Germany. The letter was wet because of the rain which penetrate my mail box. It was totally wet that the ink was melting. I couln’t read the letter. Of course Erfurt University in Germany also sent me the scanned letter by email, but it was not clear either. So, Germany was eliminated.

The only choice is Polish Embassy. Furthermore, they sent me an original accetance letter, which was in good condition. Second, I assume that Polish embassy will be not as crowded as some other embassy like Germany or France. So, I went to Polish embassy in Rasuna Said. No interview was needed.  just need to submit my documents, and an (Indonesian) officer will examine whether my documents are sufficient enough. Then I pay the visa fee by cash to the Polish officer for IDR 772.000. In 5 working days, they called me that the visa is ready. Now im so happy and cannot wait to reach Europe for this summer school marathon! 🙂


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