Frankfurt #2 :Goethe Haus


I couldn’t count how many times I have visited Frankfurt. I once visited this financial city for two days during my study in Netherlands. Then I had some bus transits when I visited Milan, Geneva and Strasbourg. Now I revisited Frankfurt on my summer school marathon 2011. Frankfurt is my entry point to enter Germany.
SInce I have explored the downtown before, I need to find something else to do. I was thinking to find a museum to visit. Since Frankfurt is the birthplace of Goethe, I decided to visit Goethe Haus. I have been to this place, but didnt manage to explore the house. Now its time. Goethe is always my inspiration. We have one similarity: we are multidisciplinary. He is a German writer, pictorial artist, biologist, theoretical physicist, polymath, Poet, Novelist, Playwright, Natural Philosopher, Diplomat, Civil servant! (phew.. have I mentioned all of his occupation completely?) His works span the fields of poetry, drama, prose, philosophy, and science.
Goethe Haus is not a building. It is actually a residence or family house. What’s interesting is the interior design, pastel colors, country style rooms, and how homy it is.
The house consists of four floors. The ground floor has kitchen, Yellow room and Blue room. The kitchen keeps its ancient traditional cutleries and pans which is very interesting. I could imagine how this kitchen was utilized. The dining room, called as the Blue room for its blue nuance (blue was the fashionable color of that time). There are baroque mirror and beautiful corner cupboard from Rococo period.
The first floor is the place where Goethe was born. There are Anteroom, Peking and Music Room. In Anteroom, there is a big cupboard with Baroque-Frankfurt style. This cupboard is where the Goethe’s family kept their family linens. This family has so many linens, that they only washed them three times a year! The elegant staircase is very beautiful, which shows the status of the family head.. They are large and consume only one third of the house. Peking is the living room (showed on my pic) where the family received their guests. The name Peking is from the china they used for serving the tea. Since the Goethe family is very musical, the Music room contains a rare item : a vertically-set pianoforte, known as a pyramid piano, by Christian Ernst Friderici. Nevertheless, the Music room is not as extravagant as I thought it usually is. The Music room is quite simple and humble.

The Second Floor has the most functions. There are Anteroom, Birth Room, Goethe’s Mother Room, Picture Gallery, Library, and Cornelia’s room. The room that stroke me the most is the Library. It is beautifully decorated with pictures, and the shelves are full of about 2000 old books. I know Goethe as multidisciplinary scholar. He knows almost every subject. This library holds book on practically every subject. Oh I wish I had a library like this!
The Third Floor is the last floor. There are Anteroom, Puppet Theatre, Writing Room, Mansard, and Exhibition. The Exhibition is the only modern part of this house, exhibiting various display on his work and philosophy.
This house is completely impressive, and Im fed up happily with information on Goethe’s life. He was a great writer, pictorial artist, biologist, theoretical physicist, and polymath. As a former student of Goethe Institut, im getting more inspired by him 🙂


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