After having a nostalgic two-day trips in Frankfurt, Im heading now to Fulda. Im going to visit my Friend, Firman, who studies there. Since I avoided riding fast train such as ICE (which is expensive), I need to survey the schedule of the local train. Fortunately there are hourly regional trains from Frankfurt HbF to Fulda, for just 13 euro. Having finished my breakfast immediately, I rush to the station, which is just in front of my hostel (geez, i really love this hostel!) and catched the 8.26 local train. Five minutes to 10 o’clock, I reached Fulda, and Firman is waiting for me. It was great to see him again after one year. Since I have limited time (i’ll need to reach Erfurt this evening!), we directly went to the city center and Firman showed me around.
Fulda is small yet pretty. One like the most is the laid-back atmosphere, which is a nice change from the busy Frankfurt. I feel I dont need to rush anything here (while actually I had to, due to my limited time). Firman and I walked to the park or Stadtschloss. The castle used to be inhabited by the princes of the region. It is now the seat of local government and other services, including the police station. The gardens are very nicely taken care of, and there are benches scattered throughout.


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