Niagara Falls


One of the most popular destination in Canada is this falls. Canada was one of my favorite countries when I was a child, other than Switzerland and Spain. I was about to leave US for good when I got there. To be exact, Niagara Falls (US side) was the last place in US I visited before leaving for UK and Indonesia.
From Buffalo, it only took CA$ 1.50 bus ride to get to Niagara Falls that took 45 minutes. The bus get off on the side of Niagara Park. The park was quite beautiful. Thankfully I visited it in summer, so I can have sunbathing while laying down on the grass, which was addicting. I fell asleep since the sound of the Niagara river flow was so ‘flowing’ me away. Despite that sound, the river itself flows very hard. Never think of having white-water rafting there! Well, it has white water. But you’ll never manage to control your boat and your body. One magnificent view is (of course) the falls. The Niagara Falls is a set of some waterfalls, surrounding the Niagara River. Niagara also borders two countries, USA and Canada.


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