Im leaving Liverpool that morning, heading to Yorkshire county to visit its biggest city, Leeds, with all my curiousity for this city. Leeds has all my favourite things: Victorian architecture, thriving sports, high quality universities, and the least is, the excellent shopping (since shopping is not my hobby). Couldn’t ask for more.
Getting off from National Express bus, I directly found the beautiful mall complex. It is the Central Shopping District, located in north and northeast of the railway station. The shopping district’s architecture was magnificent, which distinguishes Leeds from other cities.

This central shopping district is named Victoria Quarter, which includes County Arcade, Briggate. Seeing its fancy design, you wont believe that Briggate used to be Leeds’ dirties and smelliest area. Along with the growing number of the middle-upper class, the government took initiatives to build all-roofed shopping arcades and filled it with fine establishment, which continued into Edwardian times. Now this shopping district is one of Europe’s most elegant shopping locations, whose arcades are home to many most exclusive designer shops in UK, such as Vivienne Westwood, Hugo Boss, Luis Vuitton and Harvey Nichols to name a few.
Leeds is a huge city. I was even ‘lost’ inside the shopping districts. I didnt know how, I find that I had managed to get out of there when I saw the city hall. It was the building before the city hall that attracted me. The Museum of Art. Unfortunately, it was Monday and the museum was of course closed. I was so sad, and decided to stay in front of the museum since I found that it was a good spot to hang out, haha. Being in front of that museum is a good location to see and to be seen by the pedestrian. From that spot I also found a bus passing by, with the destination to Bradford, where I just jumped into, haha.


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