Travel Books – September 2011


I bought about 6 books till mid of this months, three of them are travel books. One book is “Lonely Planet Story” by Tony & Maureen Wheeler, the founder of Lonely Planet, one of biggest travel guide publishers worldwide. I bought it in Periplus, Pondok Indah Mall, for IDR 120.000 (which is a good deal).

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I found this book is must-read, especially for those who use Lonely Planet for their travel guides. Me myself, I dont really use Lonely Planet, though I know that it has extensive and detailed informations on every destination. I usually use DK Eyewitness series, since it has better pictures, which i prefer than explanations. Nevertheless, I very often buy LP pictorial travel books, they are very tempting (to visit the country they took the pics at). Ok, let’s get back to the book. The “Lonely Planet Story” is about Tony and Maureen’s initial travel throughout Asia in 1970s, when they iniciated to publish their first travel guides. I admire Tony Wheeler, who can make his hobby of traveling into a big successful business. He is the most traveled person on earth. This book has been translated into its Indonesian edition, but I prefer to read in its original version in English, for some reasons.
The next few days, I returned to Periplus to find another book. Then I found this book “Unlikely Destinations”, still by Tony & Maureen Wheeler. You might think this is another book written by the Wheeler couple. I did thought so. So I bought this book, at the sampe place and same price. But when I opened it at home, I was surprised, and dissapointed. It is the SAME book as what I bought before. Gosh. WHY they put different title for two same books??? It’s crazy. But nevermind. The only problem is to decide which book I will read, haha.
The third book is about backpacking in Indonesia : “Flashpacking Keliling Indonesia: Traveling Gaya Koper Otak Ransel”. Hmm, nice title, it’s quite inviting. I bought it at Gramedia for IDR 65,000.
As you may know, I dont travel a lot in my country, which is a pity. This book is a good and detailed information, with itinerary and contact person to whom we can rent boat or cheap lodging. This is important, since not all places in Indonesia is well-informed by websites or email. In this case, word-of-mouth information provided by this book is valuable.


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