When you don’t know where else to go in Hongkong (cos you’ve visited most of the places), go outside the mainland! This is what happened in my case. I HAD to visit Hongkong twice, because both are my overstopping point from and to United States. On the way home and on the way back Indonesia-USA, i stopped over Hongkong, since it doesnt require me any visa to enter. My first stopover was great. I visited most of the places in that tiny Hongkong and had a great time. The ‘problem’ came on my second visit. I have to find other places to visit. So im thinking to visit Lantau and Macau, both are separate island and are very close to Hongkong.
Lantau adalah pulau terbesar di Hongkong. Sekarang pulai ini terkoneksi dengan baik dengan Hongkong daratan, baik dengan pesawat, kereta maupun gondola. Saya menuju stasiun subway terminus di Tung Chung sebelum naik gondola/cable car menuju Lantau. Turun di Lantau, saya langsung masuk desa Ngong Ping. Tujuan utama saya adalah patung Budha berukuran raksasa (Tian Tan Buddha).
(to be continued)


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