Alpine Valley Ski


I always curious how ski champion Shaun White can make such wonderful yet dangerous slides. For a person from tropical country, skiing is one of the new to-do things on my list. Unfortunately, Netherlands didn’t even snow when i lived there. It barely snows. I needed to get to Switzerland or France to get to the nearest ski resort. One of the best ski resort in Chamonix, France, is reachable even by bus from Holland, but I just didnt make it yet, and now I have put Chamonix to my list.
Skiing is no easy thing. Well, at least it was not as easy as I thought. Until when I was in East Lansing, Michigan, when my friend Putri asked us to have skiing, I was excited. Before skiing, we even ‘learn’ how to ski by watching the how-to-do videos on You Tube, haha. It helped a bit; at least we know how our legs should stand. Irfan and I bought our personal ski equipments (which we cant rent from the resort) such as ski pants and goggles in Dick’s. Thankfully our old winter jackets are eligible enough for skiing, so we dont have to purchase a new one (which may cost the most for the ski apparel).

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When the day came, I just couldn’t wait to get there. It was 31 December 2009 the last day of that year, the evening before the New Year’s Eve. It took about one-hour driving to reach White Lake, a town in southeast Michigan. The skiing range is called Alpine Valley ( It has beautiful surroundings, 25 picturesque tree-lined slopes, 9 chairlifts, 4 rope tows, a magic carpet, and four terrain parks all rolled into the largest and most scenic ski area in southern Michigan. It costs USD 64 for the ski ticket, including for the chair lift. It will provide you with the skis, ski boots on your size, and ski poles.
Since I am a beginner, I tried the slightest slope. We ‘climb’ the slope to get the peak (which actually we can reach on foot ;P), and then sliding down to the bottom of the slope. That simple. But it is not that simple for me as beginner. First I have to make sure that there is nobody standing on my sliding path, so I dont have to hit anyone down there. Then I have to balance myself while sliding down. The key is the leg position. It has to make curve, not straight. Well, it’s simply said, but balancing needs practice. Last but not least, we need to know how to stop, since the skiing gear doesn’t have any braking equipment. I slid and slid and slid until I get my perfect move. It was fun and challenging.

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