Atlantic City


Having spent my days in Philadelphia, I headed to Atlantic City for just one day. I thought it is not a big city, so one day is hopefully enough. Yes, it is more than enough, since Atlantic City is smaller than I expected. Atlantic City is a seaside small city in New Jersey, famous as a tourism destination for its legal gambling casinos. Getting off from Amtrak’ NJ Transit train that costs only US$16 Philly-Atlantic City return, I found myself in Atlantic City Convention Center. Walked further for 5 minutes, an H&M store succesfully seduced me to do unplanned shopping, hahaha. Having carried some caps and mittens for Irfan, I continued exploring this casino city. Caesar Palace and Trump Building were the first building welcomed me in the middle of this like-dead city (since there seems nobody was on the streets). Thank God at that time I didn’t visit Las Vegas yet, so Im not so disappointed to expect to see some twinkling casinos. No, it is much less smaller complex of casinos compared to Vegas, and things are just not as glamour as in the Sin City. Walking along Michigan (!) Avenue, I finally found the beach. Yes, this is the Atlantic Ocean, which I usually just see on the east side from Europe continent, now I experience the west side of Atlantic Ocean. Although Atlantic City is also famous for its beach, but dont expect a Waikiki here. The beach is with grey sand, cold, and not so clean. along the beach, there are many houses in colorful pastel paints, resembling doll houses.

These houses are shops that are decorated like toyhouses with old-time designs. Most of them are restaurant and souvenir shops. Along these houses, there is wide wooden pedestrian, famous as the Broadwalk. This is the most popular way to get around Atlantic City, since through this Bradwalk, we can see at least 8 casinos along this 4-mile pedestrian.
The Atlantic City Boardwalk is the backbone of this seaside resort city, providing access to hotels, resorts, shops, casinos and more. Stemming from the Atlantic City Boardwalk are several piers featuring various attractions. Garden Pier becomes the arts and cultural center of the Atlantic City Boardwalk, also with Atlantic City historical museum and Atlantic City Art Center, while Steel Pier is an amusement park right off the Atlantic City Boardwalk with rides, foods, and games.

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic City is exactly right on the Jersey Shore beach; where we can go swimming, tanning, fishing, or surfing. Numbers of resorts are right on the beach and boardwalk.
Not limited to the beach in Atlantic City in the north side, the southern New Jersey Shore boasts many other beaches to the south, such as Ocean City, The Wildwoods, and Cape May. Each of those beach has their own boardwalks containing amusements, restaurants, shops and souvenir stores. Nevertheless, gambling in New Jersey is restricted to Atlantic City.


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