The Beatles Story Liverpool


Im a big fans of The Beatles, especially George Harrison (sorry John). No wonder that visiting this museum is in my number one list to do in Liverpool, besides going to Anfield Stadium. Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatles and the hometown which shaped their early music and lives. Finding the museum is not very easy. First we need to go to the Albert Dock, and walk for 10 minutes to really find the museum. The facade of the museum is very cute and 60s psychedelic. It shows the yellow submarine on its wall, welcoming me to its underground museum. Stepping down, I paid the tickets for only 9 poundsterling (student rate). Inside the museum, I can learn how this super-group were formed, until their recent lives. I of course focuse on George Harrison and its metamorphic changes over years (he remained handsome). There is also a huge Yellow Submarine where people can enter. There is also the Strawberry Field, and the alley where they first formed the group. The young Yoko Ono was more beautiful than I thought. It was also described and depicted how The Beatles also got success in USA. Those memorabilia was cute and psychedelic. There are several backdrops that are identical to The Beatles, such as the Abbey Road where they crossed, the Strawberry Road, and the famous John & Yoko’s Hair Peace bed. One interesting spot was its merchandise store. They sell various Beatles merchandise in (still) psychedelic designs that I loves o much.


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