My actual destination for Scotland was Edinburgh. My plane landed in Prestwick, a town in South Ayrshire. Before getting to Edinburgh, I managed to visit Glasgow, the biggest city in Scotland and the third largest city in the entire United Kingdom. Glasgow has been awarded the European titles of City of Culture (1990), City of Architecture and Design (1999) and Capital of Sport (2003). I had more than enough reason to see this city. Strolling down the city, I can’t believe this is the third largest city in UK by population. It was quiet and not many people were on the street. Well okay, it was probably quite cold for them to be outside since it was late autumn. My focus of Glasgow was its architecture. As befits a city that was at its richest through the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th, the centre of Glasgow has a fine legacy of Victorian and Edwardian buildings with their lavish interiors and spectacular carved stonework. Glasgow Cathedral (seen on picture above) is a fine example of Gothic architecture dating from medieval times and built on a site first consecrated in 397 AD.
The first stone built Glasgow Cathedral was dedicated in the reign of King David I in 1136, but the present building was consecrated in 1197. Since that same period the Cathedral has never been unroofed and the worship of God has been carried out within its walls for more than 800 years. The splendid achievements of the architects and builders of those far off days can be studied and admired. Not everything, however, is old. The Cathedral has one
of the finest post-war collections of stained glass windows to be found in Britain. Glasgow Cathedral is a medieval cathedral with an active Christian congregation in the church of Scotland. The Cathedral has a regular and active congregation, and no visitor should leave the city without making a visit.

Having finished exploring the cathedral, I found beautiful graveyard on the top of a small hill. From the distance, the tombstones look beautiful, as they are in large and in any shapes. I certainly decided to climb the hill to check them out. The higher I climb, the more I found that the graveyard is larger than I thought. Each tomb was decorated with statues of angels, trees, flowers, and many more. Some of them resemble small house, some look like a fort. Simply beautiful for a place that supposed to be spooky.


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