Bodyboarding at Gili Trawangan


Enough having Taliwang chicken, interacting with indigenous people in Sade village in mainland Lombok (and snorkeling in Senggigi), Irfan & I decided to cross to the neighboring paradise small island, Gili Trawangan. Actually there are three Gilis (small island): Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. They are the popular tourist destinations in Lombok. Gili Trawangan is the largest and most visited of the three Gilis. We took a cap to the Bangli harbour (if i can call it so), paid Rp 10000/pax boat tickets, queued according to the color of the tickets (indicating the boarding shift), and jumped into the boat. In just 30 minute or so, we arrived in Gili Trawangan. Whoa, it’s crowded and chaotic in the gate of Gili Trawangan! I was expecting a laid back and relaxing place, and this is below my expectation. Fortunately, the farther we strolled down this small island, the less chaotic we found it is. It IS laid back and relaxing!! Phew..
We took left from the gate, and found a quiet spot to spread down our mat and lay down. It was so hot that Irfan even didnt bother to take his shirt off or to dip his toes into the beach this time. Despite the heat, the turquoise beach seems so inviting for me. I even have been wearing my rashguard from our hotel. God bless the cafe nearby that rent surfboard! Aaand, it’s only IDR 20.000/US$2/hour! Oh I love my affordable country! For comparison, in Waikiki beach I rent the surfboard for US$25/hour! Since the wave is not very strong, I will call it bodyboarding, since the wave is not strong enough to bring us up on the board. Few minutes after we found this quiet cool spot, some other tourists arrived and took place around us. Some of them took picture, but most of them just sunbathed. One unique thing that might invite them is a white shipwreck near us. I dont know whose ship it is, but it must be a pity for such a pretty ship to be wrecked here. Back to the bodyboarding, the beach flows like a river. So I have to start some meters to the right (since it flows to the left) in order to arrive to the place Irfan sits. This is weird. Usually beach dont flow like this. It flows from right to the left. Beach waves, not flows. This is new. Oh nevermind, this is still fun anyway! Bodyboarding was fun in Gili Trawangan. Quiet spot, beautiful shipwreck, turquoise beach, cheap rented board, very sunny weather, and fun bodyboarding.. I couldn’t ask for more.


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