Marbella Anyer


This Friday I was accompanying my on-duty Irfan who had to deliver a one-hour presentation. The venue was in Marbella Anyer.  Why should I flank Irfan this time? Coz we plan to spend the rest of the weekend staying in Anyer. We departed at 6 am from Jakarta, and reached Anyer at 9am. Having given his speech and presentation, Irfan checked us in and we directly went to the beach checking the waves.

Anyer is a town in Banten, about fifteen kilometres from Merak. Anyer is also the starting point of the Great Post Road. This long road was built by the Dutch in the nineteenth century and ran 1000 kilometres to the eastern tip of Java. Nevertheless, part of this road is now in poor condition, and unfortunately our nissan doesn’t have good enough suspension to conquer those bumpy roads.

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What makes Anyer famous as tourist destination is its beach. Anyer Beach is a tourist attraction with many hotels and resorts, hot swimming water, rental of resting sheds, boats, four-wheeled motorcycles, water scooter and a banana boat, you name it. Moreover, Anyer is not very far from Jakarta. No wonder that Jakartanese weekenders like Irfan & me have no difficulty to reach Anyer beach for the weekend and return home at Sunday evening. One nice and easy weekend geteway.

We stayed in the hotel whose name used to be ‘Sol Elite Marbella’, a franchised hotel chain that was quite populars some years ago. Its name is now just Marbella Hotel, indicating the change in its management. Its a condominium-like hotel with all-in facilities. We love its Spanish design, although we prefer it is in more Indonesian design. We were lucky to get discounted room rate, thanks to Irfan. What Irfan & I enjoyed most of our time there was swimming. At the evening, we had a delicious seafood for dinner in a local restaurant.

The beach was gloomy and greyish that afternoon, but surprisingly becomes brightly blue and turquoise in the next morning! The beach is semi-private, since it is quiet, but still some food sellers were strolling around the beach selling their food. Banana boats are always there, pulled by small motorboats. I’ll say the beach was so-so, except that the Anyer beach is overlooking the Krakatoa island and Anak Krakatoa island. Those blue islands stand still beautifully in a visible distance. Irfan & I spent hours sitting and chatting in the beach bank while looking at the Krakatoa. I just wish that the Krakatoa didnt want to cough right now. This active volcano exploded in 1883, killing 40,000 people, with the loudest sound ever heard in modern history, with reports of it being heard nearly 3,000 miles (4,800 km) from its point of origin. Impressive record, but I really hope he won’t do it again.

Anyer is also the home of a forty metre lighthouse built by King Willem III of Holland. It was built in 1885 as a memorial for the townspeople killed by the eruption of Krakatoa that destroyed Anyer. We saw the lighthouse on the way Jakarta-Anyer. This lighthouse reminds me of the one in Belitong island. The same huge size and height, same color, and built by the same colonist. Further to the next town is Cilegon. We were passing by the steel factory and its   running bridge that carries those minerals. That part of Cilegon was quite dusty and dry. These towns are potentially rich of resources and beautiful. We just need to do more to explore and manage them.


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