Having spent our day in Chicago in a chilly mid winter, Irfan and I decided to cross to the next state, Wisconsin. We took Amtrak train to Milwaukee, the biggest city in Wisconsin. Compared to metropolitan Chicago, Milwaukee is a middle-size quiet city, a common combination of most cities in US. Our main destination was Milwaukee Art Museum. The facade of this museum is designed magnificently with wing-like installation. That bird-like wings of the building, called as Quadracci Pavilion. This wing open and close magnificently several times everyday, depending on the weather. Irfan and I spent some time in the Windhover Hall, entrance to Milwaukee Art Museum before exploring the museum. We spent more than three hours exploring the museum.This museum is Milwaukee’s most recognizable landmark. Our main target is Andy Warhol. We are big fans of Warhol’s phenomenal pop art. Yes, we met Marilyn Monroe and Tomato Soup we’re looking for. There are many contemporary installation to enjoy and to think about.

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There is also a War Memorial which the museum is connected to, and was designed by the architect Eero Saarinen. We actually wanted to spend more time outside the museum, but the snow was freezing that we prefer to stay indoor. There is not much to see in Milwaukee other than this museum. There are actually some other museums available to be checked, if you have time. No wonder that one single day is enough for us to see Milwaukee.


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