Meet Jimi Hendrix at Seattle



For the sake of Mod era I fond of, and since Irfan is a fans of Jimi Hendrix, we knew where to go to get them both. So when Irfan and I was visiting Experience Music Project in Seattle, we also checked out the special exhibition of “Jimi Hendrix: An Evolution of Sound'”. This exhibition illustrates Hendrix’s musical evolution, started from his early days in Seattle up to his time as a journeyman musician touring the southern “chitlin’ circuit” and in New York City, also his explosion on the popular music scene in London and beyond. The exhibition and us the visitor experience weave together the various musical styles and cultures that Hendrix soaked up throughout his all-too-short journey.

Jimi Hendrix: An Evolution of Sound is the first in a series of ongoing Hendrix-related exhibitions, exploring different facets of the life and legacy of the creative genius, ranging from his unique, flamboyant fashion-sense, to his early days playing rhythm and blues in Nashville.
Traces of Hendrix can be found throughout interviews in Sound and Vision: Artists Tell Their Stories, They are the stories of his early bands in Northwest Passage and rocking out karaoke-style to “Purple Haze” in On Stage.

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What Jimi Hendrix: An Evolution of Sound feature? I’ll highlight ones that I love the most. First, an iconic guitar wall. Full of cool-shaped guitars Irfan was crazy for. To name a few are Hendrix’s Woodstock Fender Stratocaster and his Saville Theatre and Monterey Pop Festival guitar shards. Secondly, a musical and cultural timeline. It visualizes Hendrix’s career, within the larger context of popular culture. It focuses on Hendrix’s specific musical experiences and how these areas shaped his musical outlook. I didn’t know that Jimi’s birth name was Johnny Allen Hendrix ’til I found it on his timeline. Third, a sound effects interactive. It demonstrates the effects pedals that Hendrix used to create a new instrument out of the guitar. He’s a genius pedalist, I should say. Last, a mixing interactive, which proved me that Hendrix is an innovator and the forefather of Mod!


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