This sunday morning is one of our ongoing diving practices. Our divemaster, Mas Bayu, gave us some getting-more-difficult lessons. Some of them are to take-off and to put-on our BCD (buoyancy control device) and weight belt in the water. We also learn how to buoy underwater, and how to give oxygen to our partner through the regulator by taking turn. Our exercise takes place every given Sunday (since Irfan sometimes still works on weekend), begins at 08.30 am, and finishes approximately at 12.30 pm in Senayan pool.

One surprise I got today is to meet Gemala Hanafiah! The (only?) Indonesian female surfer and longboarder and the host of DJourney, a travel show in RCTI. I always watch her show, and I admire her laid-back, cool calm style. We practice in the same diving pool in Senayan, but we are from different diving club. Having finished my practice today, my divemaster explained us some post-practice evaluation. Gemala was passsing by, and  I begged my divemaster to interupt his evaluation. I chase her, and I talk to Gemala. I told her how I love her tavel show, and asked if she still surfs and longboards (since it was quite a while not to hear any news of her surfing). We chatted for a little while, and I asked her to take picture together. Al (Gemala’s nickname on tv) was surprised that she and I wears Roxy wetsuits (which are not available yet in Indonesia, unfortunately). She was so kind to talk to me and persuade me to do longboarding. I thought that she is tall and big, as seen on TV. But Al was quite petite and slim, with some cute freckles on her face. I was quite tired of today’s practice, but quite happy to meet Gemala! 🙂

The Roxy Girls: Meet Gemala Hanafiah


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