Tulamben Diving



Situated in the richest marine biogeographic zone in the world, being on the north east coast, Tulamben Bay receives highly plankton-rich water from the major ocean current, moving from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. No wonder that Tulamben contains a stunningly diverse underwater ecosystem.

Since im one of few journalists in my office who has open-water license, last weekend my editor-in-chief assigned me to report a diving trip to Bali, involving about 20 readers joining the trip. 17-19 May 2013 was chosen as a perfect time to dive for its good weather. Different from the participants who dont have to bring any diving equipment (the diving resort provides them), me and the committee from my office who are also divers bring our own wetsuit and diving gear.

From Le Meridien Jimbaran where we stay, in a very early morning we depart to Tulamben, carrying our diving equipment along. In two hours by car, we arrived in Tulamben, a beautiful beach in northeast of Bali.

Tulamben is quite a safe diving site for various purpose of diving, from fun diving to underwater photography. No wonder that we divided the diving sessions  into two, where the licensed diver can join the second session. Other participant who are beginners are guided and accompanied by divemasters to ensure their safety and convenience.

Being a prominent diving site among domestic and international divers, Tulamben offers a super rich and splendid marine biodiversity. Diving down its bottom, we were welcomed by various underwater creatures such as sea snails, crabs, shrimp,  ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorse who are passing by.

The colourful coral reef blended beautifully with the other colourful fishes and sea creatures. No wonder that the underwater photography session that we had invited high anthusiasm from the whole participant. They all tried their best to snap their best shoot to win the underwater photography contest.

Going 3-4 meter deeper, there are artificial coral reef whose skeleton is in the shape of an aeroplane. People call it Aeroplane Wreck. This wreck made Tulamben more popular for its ‘wreck diving’.

As the report promotes, Tulamben has become Bali’s most famous diving area. Therefore you are most likely to meet internationally recognized underwater photographers and writers there. Quite true, since I met Paquita Wijaya and his colleagues diving there. The bay is also not overcrowded with too many tourists or divers, so it was quite convenient to dive there.


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