Donkey Riding in Santorini


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It is actually an easy choice to climb up (and down) Fira, Santorini. Either you take the cable car, on foot, or donkey rides. Since we get used to the first two choice, we take the road less traveled. Donkey ride. Moreover, it was only 5 euro/ride. Why not? It is better than taking the zig-zag walk up the stairs, and cable car sounds too easy (and fancy, haha). So, donkey ride is our best choice. We already walked down to the harbour, so we took another way up the cliff hill.

The donkey is not the fastest way, though. But it was not the things we’re looking for. The view on the way up the cliff was marvelous. Those views cant be enjoyed too long when we take the cable car. We took our time on the donkey riding. It was easy to find donkeys in Fira. They have ‘parking lot’ in the middle up of the stairs.

When I read some travel guides and blogs, there are some opinions suggest not to take the donkey rides. It is because the donkeys are  oftentimes treated harshly, and take overweight on their back. Fortunately, our donkeys are okay, and the master treated them well. I feel a bit sorry about the donkeys, and hope they have enough feeding. For sure, they have enough rest, since it was not a peak hour for them to work. It was a fun ride, and might be something worth to try when in Santorini.


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