Ski Heubach



As this is my second skiing experience after Alpine Valley in Michigan, I should have initial confidence that I know how to balance myself while sliding. But not really for this time. Nonetheless, it was no easy. ‘Practice makes perfect’ is really applied here.

I joined the ski trip on 11 February 2014, organized by my We4U, an organization in my campus which organized social activities. We are lucky enough to live in Ilmenau which has a real winter with snow. Moreover, the hilly (or mountainous) makes it easier to find the nearest slope to slide through. So we  went to Heubach, a ski resort in Masserberg in Thuringia region. It is south from Ilmenau, and it took about 30 minutes by bus. Fortunately snow was still there up in the hill, since they already are running dry in Ilmenau. Not so lucky either since snow started to melt, and it was super slippery to walk though the hut.

Me and Ratna took our equipment provided by the resort, which are ski shoes, skis, and poles. They also provides ski coach to teach us how to slide in correct way. Our coach taught us about ‘carrot pose’ and ‘pizza pose’ to analogize the angle of our skis. I still remember how to slide, but the slope in Heubach was quite different than the one in Michigan. It was more slippery, and there were more people there, so i was quite afraid to slide too fast. No wonder that I fell quite many times before I manage to slide smoothly. I slid many times until I feel satisfied with my moves. It was fun. After a little while, I move from beginner slope to advance slope. With the ski lift, I went up to the half of the hill, and slid down. It was not easy to keep the balance, but i managed to arrived safely to the bottom of the slope. I tried again few time till I feel that my balance was getting better. It was quite exhausting tho. Ski is no questions a high impact sport.

Having slid about one hour straight, me and Ratna felt tired. We took a break and decided to explore the hill above the ski resort. It was fun because the view was quite marvellous. The nearest village, covered by snow, become a mesmerizing view to enjoy.

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