Canola Galore in Sülzenbrücken





Spring has sprung, and one that vividly indicates it is the Canola. In early May, the bright yellow of this beautiful flower can be seen from distance. I noticed these Canola blossoms from the train I regularly take from Ilmenau-Erfurt, back and forth. Once I saw the yellow field, I decided that I have to see them by myself. So one afternoon I go to Erfurt, bringing my tripod along. In this purpose I brought my large and tall tripod, since the mature canola plant can be the same as my height. I met Dita on the way, so we went together to Erfurt to get our beloved mungbean, haha. From Erfurt, we stop by Sülzenbrücken, a small town near Erfurt. It was 8 o’clock in the evening, and the sun still shines brightly. Very close to the train station, we arrived at the Canola field. It was so massive. The field is large and hilly, make the viewpoint very picturesque. We literally explored the field until we passed through the field. It was fun and the sight really spoils our eyes.

Canola refers to an edible oil produced from any varieties of rapeseed. I usually use Canola Oil for cooking, so I was quite familiar, yet getting more curious how such beautiful flowers turns into oil. Sülzenbrücken itself is a small town with a cute little church and salt well. Nevertheless, witnessing the bright mustard yellow color in such a wide and massive place like Sülzenbrücken is such a mesmerizing experience. It might also be my once in a lifetime experience, since I probably will have left Ilmenau or Germany next spring.



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