Cologne revisited



After 2008, im coming back to Cologne this year. I remember that Cologne was my first city in Germany that I stepped in. I entered Cologne by NS train from Netherlands, for the sake to see Germany for my first time. I revisited Cologne since my friend Belle wanted to visit Germany, and I recommend Cologne since it is near from Netherlands, with direct train from Netherlands. So I went from Ilmenau, paying Eisenach-Koln ticket of 38 euro, and take a 4 train ride to get Koln. So glad to see Belle, my colleague in Elle. Since Me and Belle love museums, we went museum-hopping in Cologne. We explore Cologne Cathedral, Roman Germanic Museum, Chocolate Museum, Mustard Museum. To get the local taste, we had lunch in Pfaffen Brauerei, a traditional german restaurant in Cologne downtown. The restaurant had a country interior with a thick german-style. After that we had icecream and join the crowds who enjoy the sunny spring in the Rhein river banks. Licking rhabarber icecream while enjoying the riverview is quite fun, while seeing and to be seen by people, hahaha. Nothing has change much in Cologne from what I remember. The cathedral was still dominantly stands out the downtown, the bridge is still there (I regret I didnt bring a padlock to put there), it just the riverbanks that are more crowded (since I visited in late autumn in my first visit). This spring, Cologne is very crowded. I believe it is not a population boom, since I bet most of them are tourists like me. Crossing the street is such a boring thing, since there are too many pedestrian are in line to cross, and the redlights are much longer than those in other place in Germany. Pfft. But the vibe and dynamics of this big city, I just loved and still love it!

Follow my trip in Cologne in the nest post! 🙂


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