Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum Koeln


Im not really a chocoholic. Im actually a choco-spread holic, hahaha. Nevertheless, I hardly resist the temptation of white chocolate (im a lactoholic, if that’s explaining). No wonder that when my friend Belle invited me to Chocolate Museum, i gladly said yes.


Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum Koeln or Cologne Chocolate Museum is one of many chocolate museums which showcases the 3000-year long culture of chocolate around the globe.

The museum is quite large, located very strategically in the Rhein river banks, giving you no excuse to skip a visit.  The museum building sits in the ‘island’-like position, with wide the terrace overlooking the Rhine where you can sip a very tasty cocoa.

With around 675,000 visitors a year, this yummy museum is in the Top Ten of German museums. Since March 2006, the Swiss manufacturer Lindt & Spruengli  has been partner in producing exhibits. That’s why we find the Lindt logo and many of the exhibition parts.

Do you know that Cologne is Germany’s chocolate capital? The Stollwerck chocolate company, used to be the second largest supplier of chocolate to the US,  was based in Cologne. Since it was so enormous, while Cologne is actually relatively small, most of the people of Cologne know, or are related to someone who once worked in the chocolate factory. This is part of why Cologne is connected to chocolate.

After strolling the history part, me and Belle enter a small greenhouse with tropical temperature where we can actually feel the tropical conditions and see growing cocoa plants. Im telling you, that glasshouse was so hot, humid and supersweaty, fuuuhh. Just like Jakarta in 13.00 pm. Some westerner visitors found the glasshouse interesting, but not for me and Belle who are fed-up with our tropical plants and high temperature back home. The glasshouse’s double door was quite annoying since we need to wait for the first door to close in order to open the second one, to keep the humid temperature maintained.

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Entering Lindt’s chamber, we fed our curiosity to find out how the cocoa bean becomes a chocolate bar from start to finish. In this transparent chamber, there is museum’s mini-production unit with chocolate manufacturing machine.

I love how this futuristic museum satisfy my sweet tooth. First, right after we bought the ticket, we got a single-bite Lindt chocolate bar. Secondly, at the end of the manufacturing chamber, there is a large gold chocolate fountain, whose waitress is dipping the waffles to the fountain and give the waffle to the visitors. The choco waffle was crunchy and oh-so-yummy. Third, there is a section where we can make our customized chocolate for merely 5 euro. In 35 minutes, the personalized chocolate bar is ready. How it taste? Dont ask, it is perfectly suit my taste. Of course, I decide what to put in the bar. Triple yummies 🙂



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