Mustard Museum Cologne


I only knew one kind of mustard. The one in my hotdog, whose bottle is usually next to tomato ketchup. Whose matte yellow color is one of my fave hue. Just only that. I hev only tasted one kind of mustard. And I never know that there are a lot more kinds of mustard in this world, until I visit this museum. Historische Senfmühle. The museum that made me ashame of myself for not knowing any other mustards in this world. Hahaha. Where have I been?

When I entered this museum, and some 5 minutes later, I still didnt know what museum is that. I thought it was a jam museum, since the packaging resembles jams.
The moment of truth (do I exeggerating? Hope not) is when I taste many kinds of mustards they display on the tables. So visitors can taste many flavours of mustard for free. What flavours are there? Historischer senf, knoblauch senf, cayenne, indiache curry, waben, mühlen, riesling, original köln, bärlauch, and many more. It taste strange, but some I find tasty. One jar (250gr) of flavored mustard costs about €8.
If u dont like sour or bitterspread, I’d recommend the brotaufstrich(spread) or  fruchtaufstrich (fruit spread), ranging from pineapple, orange, passionfruit, raspberry, plums, apple (me love it!), pear, and many other fruits. They also have leberwurst (liver sausage), gulasch (goulash), and some other delicatecies.

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This traditional museum is located strategically in the Rhein riverbank, just across the Chocolate Museum. Now you can guess why I came across this museum. My friend Belle is a museum lover who never skip any museum on our way. Im thankful that we stumbled upon this cute museum that now I know there are many sorts of mustard in this world. Noted.


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