Krämerbrückenfest 2014


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Every summer, on the third weekend of June, the Krämerbrückenfest takes place in Erfurt. This festival is a celebration of life in the middle ages, its arts and crafts. It is held on and around the Merchants’ Bridge which is located in the historical centre of town. In this festivity, people will experience more than 1,260 years of history. People in lively and cheerful mood will be enjoying music and art with travelling entertainers and minnesingers, craftsmen and market traders in an historic setting. I came with my BFF Pa. It was quite crowded since it was the first day (of three). There were many booths selling local handicrafts, music booth performing local live music, and beer bar.

What stikes me there is the Rauberbier bar that sells colorful beer with some fruits on it, just like coctail. I tried to taste one. One glass is 3.50 euro, quite expensive for a beer in Germany, where beer can be cheaper than mineral water. Choosing the rauberbier is a hard choice, since they came with superattractive colours. I tried the blue one with lychee. Despite the price, the taste is quite good. I can taste its soda, a bit alcohol, and fruits.

The festival peak is the performance by Anastacia (if anyone ever hear her name, she was quite famous some years ago). The festival afterall was interesting to visit, where we can feel the ancient German life in modern way. Woth to attend!


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