Jenaer Stifterlauf 2014


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I used to jog quite regularly with my office colleagues, back in Jakarta. Now in Ilmenau, I get more rarely to jog. That’s why I was excited to find a running event in Jena. So I decoded to take part in the Jena Charity Run 2014 in the town centre on June 18th 2014. The lap around the market square is only 500 metres long and for each lap you run the sponsors will donate 50 cents to a children project. So, the more you run, the more money will be donated. Thats why i really supported and got excited about this run. I went with Ima and Pa. It was my third time to visit Jena, gladly this time is for another purpose than grocery shopping, haha. I registered online, and got 883 as my bib number. I stupidly register as German, not Indonesia, haha. This international event also encourages participants to bring thir national attributes such as flag, accessories etc.
There are free water and fruits. We get a start number and two time transponders to track your laps. The transponders are to be attached in our shoes.
The running was fun. There are thousands of runners participating, from all age range.
After the run, we met Alex, Indonesian student who is also an awesome photographer. He kindly lent us Indonesian flag, photographed us, and even accompanied us for a lunch. He showed us some asian shops where we promised we will come back to Jena for.


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