Bamberg and the mysterious horseman


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On my way back from Munich to Ilmenau on my second Bayern trip, I have to decide whether I will stayover in Nürnberg or Bamberg, since it was midnight on the way. So I decide to stayover in Nürnberg since I thought the city is bigger and more to see. Seems I was wrong. When I visited Bamberg, I kinda regret why I didnt stayover in Bamberg. Who would know that Bamberg is so beautiful?

I joined a trip conducted by my campus to Bamberg. My beautiful friends Pa, Dita, and Ima also came along. We had a great time on the train and on the sites. Bamberg itself is not so far from Thuringia border. We just had to pay 7 euro more to cross to Bamberg. Bamberg is located in Franconia, the area in Northern Bavaria.  Bamberg is a historic city that was left virtually unscathed by World War 2, and contains many fine old buildings. It quite explains why its historic old town in city center is a listed UNESCO world heritage site,  primarily because of its authentic medieval appearance.

Bamberg is situated on the Regnitz river, before it flows into the Main river. This river across the city makes this place even more beautiful. No wonder that one part of the river bank called ‘Kleine Venedig’ or  ‘Little Venice’ as its nickname. You will easily see the river everywhere in the old town.

One spot that we enjoy the most is the Rose garden. The garden located in the inner courtyard of the Residenz. From this colorful park, there is a splendid view of Bamberg. The garden is divided up by two paths at right angles to one another, with a round fountain pool in the centre. It is guarded with clipped lime trees and a dainty garden pavilion (completed in 1757). The rose garden itself grows around 4,500 roses in over 70 beds it is filled in summer with fragrance and color. We even spent our lunch (we brought luchbox with yummy fried ride Pa cooked for us) in the rose garden, while overviewing Bamberg from up the hill.

Bamberg extends over seven hills, each crowned by a beautiful church. This has led to Bamberg being called the “Franconian Rome”.  There is a running joke among Bamberg’s tour guides to refer to Rome instead as the “Italian Bamberg”, hahaha. The hills are Cathedral Hill, Michaelsberg, Kaulberg/Obere Pfarre, Stefansberg, Jakobsberg, Altenburger Hill and Abtsberg.

Not to forget that Bamberg is beer city. The attractions of the “beer city” of Bamberg are its nine breweries, producing over 50 distinctive, full-flavoured beers (including of course smoke beer), characterful pubs and an enthusiastic. Bambergers ‘worship’ their beer and the popularity of the traditional taverns or “Gaststätte” testifies to this, as does the mass exodus to the beer gardens (Kellers) in fine weather. One of Bamberg’s famous breweries and taverns is The Schlenkerla. One must visit pub in Bamberg. The pub was massively crowdeed when I entered. All tables are fully occupied, so we go through its backyard to sit in the beer garden. I sipped the black beer locally brewed in Schlenkerla. it tasted different; somewhat more bitter and heavy. Even though  im not a beer drinker, I love the pub as it really Franconian.


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