After about 5 years since my graduation in Leiden in 2009, this is my first time to return to Netherlands. I was accompanying my friends on his Euro Trip to visit Amsterdam. We took 6 hour train from Berlin via Hannover for merely 36 euro (with Bahn Card), and arrived in Amsterdam Centraal at night, and stroll the city the next morning.

Pretty much nothing change in Amsterdam. Damrak is still there and everything is still in its row. We went to Damrak Square and enjoy the crowd from the center. We walked til we find Rijkmuseum. Unfortunately we didnt have time for museums, so our intention is to fin the giant letters I AmSterdam which is located in front of Rijkmuseum. We have to mingle with bunch of people juct to take picture with this letters. Nothing change. I took a little laying down in the grassfield in front of museum before my friend forced me to get up and continue our journey. We find Van Gogh interesting and important. Unfortunately, the very long queue and our limited time forbid us to enter the museum :(.

So we entered Red Light District. Too bad we were there in the afternoon, so we didnt see much. We passed by many weed cafe, but my friend didnt want to try any, and neither did I haha. But we managed to try patat (Holland’s giant french fries) along the way back to station.


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