Irish Visa


IMG_20140911_114153 - Copy

It’s been since years ago I want to visit Ireland. Unfortunately there is no Ireland Embassy in Jakarta. There is only honorary consul who are not very helpful in accomodating visa application, since my application will go to Ireland Embassy in Singapore. That did not stop my plan to visit Ireland. Moreover, visa is free-of-charge for Indonesian citizen. I have been to UK four times, in which they always grant me the 6-month visa, but never in my UK trip I can stop by Ireland. Too bad.

When I moved to Germany last year, Ireland is still on my list. Even before I applied for my Irish visa, I already got a cheap ticket from RyanAir for only 47 euro Frankfurt Hahn-Dublin return! Such a great deal! I hold my UK visa, and even prolong it in Dusseldorf, and after that I tried to apply for Irish visa in Berlin. The good news is, I don’t even have to go to Berlin to submit my visa application. I just have to send my passport and some documents to the embassy. Adding 5 euro for postal fee, the Ireland visa was delivered in my address in less than two weeks! Another good news is, they granted me multiple visit visa! Rules says that first-timer applicant can only get single-entry visa. But since I hold UK visa and told them that I will visit Belfast in North Ireland (belongs to UK territory), they gave me multiple-entry, yayy!


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