Actually arnstadt is not that far away. If I go to erfurt, I always passed by arnstadt. But I never managed to drop by for any single visit sinve my 1, 5 year reaidence in Thuringia. Then one day we have a friend who lives in Arnstadt. Her name is Irmanda, who did her internsip in Arnstadt. Did it make me go to Arnstadt? Not really. We usually go to another town (like Eisenach or Göttingen) together, or she visits us in Ilmenau. It took her last day to make me visit her place in Arnstadt. It is quite a bigger town than Ilmenau. In the zentrum or city center, I found a statue of the young Bach. What striking is hia pose. Young Sebastian is in laying back pose as if he is relaxing and waiting for ideas coming by. In front of him is the rathaus or city hall in the color of bold red.


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