Volle Rose


I was on my thesis in library when I was suddenly invited for a walk to the ex-mine site. Didnt even managed to grab my camera, we went for a walk, starts from Aldi supermarket in Am Stollen. It was late winter, ans the thick snow was still there, tho it wasnt showing anymore. We walked for about 30-45 minutes until we reached the mine. Unfortunately the mining site was closed. It only opens on spring and summer, and will only open from April to October. We were quite disappointed, but nevermind, we enjoyed our trip that day. We took pictures with the trains, enjoyed the beautiful view of the hills and valley, and walked back to Ilmenau. On the way back we managed to have a short break on a bench, and took another pictures. On the mine sites, there are restaurants, some old train to display, and still some railway across the mine. The surrounded view was quite breathtaking, for its green hills on top of snow-capped valley. We promise to return to this mine site on spring or summer, and take a train ride to explore the ex-mine.


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