Sinsheim Museum


It was a sudden plan when I was about in deep concentration of finishing my thesis when my uni offer a trip to a technical museum. Since it was quite affordable (8 euro including the bus trip and the tix), I decided to join the trip. It was a trip to Sinsheim Museum in the Baden-Württemberg. Not very close to Ilmenau where I live, it took a 3.5 our bus trip to reach the museum. The Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim itself is a technology museum with more than 3000 exhibits and a quite massive exhibition area of more than 50000 m² (indoors and outdoors). Not only that,  the museum also has about four 22 m × 27 m IMAX 3D theatre with various shows you can choose from. I chose to watch Hubble, a documentary movie about outerspace. All the movies are documentary.

Since it is winter, we dont have much time outside before the sun sets. That’s why we made strategies to enjoy all the outdoor exhibitions before the sun sets, and once it sets we go inside to enjoy the indoor exhibitions.

One main exhibit you must see in Sinsheim Museum is the Concord aeroplane.  Air France donated one of its retiring Concorde aircraft (F-BVFB) to Sinsheim museum in 2003. Along with a Tupolev Tu-144[3] on display since 2001, this museum is the only place where both supersonic passenger aircraft are shown. Both aircrafts are fully accessible by the public.

there are at least five walk-in-aircraft that the visior can enter and check the interior: Concorde, Tu-144, Ju 52, Canadair CL-215, Douglas DC-3, Tu-134. All those aircraft are in 1990s style, reminisced me of my childhood period when taking airplane is a wonderful adventure for me as a child. One of the aircraft has slide you can play with. You have to take the sliding mat with you and climb upstair to the aircraft, and slide down from the plane down to the first floor of the museum. It was quite steep and long. Nonetheless, the young visitor enjoy this ride.

Other than aircraft, I enjoy many more kinds of transportation such as vintage cars, tanks, formula-1 race cars, trucks, bicycles, and many more. There is a special exhibition of British vintage cars where I pretty much enjoy the Bentleys. There is even larger part for American cars in old periods, wher I can enjoy Cadillacs in pastel colors the most. Close to American vehicles, there is also another part that is dedicated to war vehicles and equipment. In this army part, I can find helicopter, tanks, pansers, rudals, trucks, granade, and many more. In the last part was bicycle in a smaller exhibit. What strikes me is that the on older days, drinking bottles for cyclist which are made of metal had a lid that is made from cork (as in wine).


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