Zogbaumweg Ilmenau


One busy day, Edo had a random idea to take us to Stadtpark just to get some fresh air, as we were in the middle of our bulky paper assignments. A little escape won’t hurt our assignment anyway hehe. The so-called ‘Stadtpark’ or City Park is a small park with fountain, concrete tennis table, a gazebo, and of course wide lawn to relax upon. The Stadtpark is located near the Festhalle. Actually the park was established when Festhalle was built in 1937.

This park is quite a nice short escape. With its blooms in spring, the rich colors in summer, the colorful autumn colors of the trees, up to the snowy parkland. Ranging from chestnut on Rhododenron to the highly fragrant lilac to expect a new springtime planting of discounts around the Festhalle every year. Everything is framed by a fresh green of the species-rich tree population. In the summer planting of discounts changes, the shady banks are coveted places and the fountain attracts everyone’s attention.

But now in winter, everything is covered by snow. That day the snow was quite fresh. We took some pics, enjoyed the fresh air, and then we came to the street where the park ends. Opposite to the park is a hill which was quite attempting to be hiked. So it was. We took a short hike to this hill, named Zogbaumweg. It is part of Goethewanderweg, or Goethe’s wandering paths. The path was quite slippery, as the snow started melting. There are some other hikers on our way. The view from above the hill was quite marvelous, as we can see Ilmenau from the other upper side of the town. We took a while to rest and to spoil our eyes with the view. After the hike, we went to the nearest Chinese restaurant for a lunch and to warm up. One fine day.

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