Canoeing in Saale River (Jena-Dornburg)


having rowed in Werra river, I wanted to try to do canoeing in another river in Thuringia. As this summer is the best time to do canoeing, we decided to have canoeing in Saale river in south Thuringia.

This tour begins from Jena, about 2 hours of trainride from Ilmenau. We stopped in Jena Paradies, and took another Abellio train to Jena Zwetschen. We started from the point named “Gries-Bridge”, and went along the direction of Portstendorf.

The route of this canoeing was Jena-Dornburg, whose distance is about 12 km. Throughtout this canoe tour, we experience 2-3 “Pass-around Points” where we had to exit the river by carrying our canoe, and then re-enter down the stream in a short distance.

As we made our way down the Saale river and surrounding forests, we caught a glimpse of several native animals, such as ducks, birds, eagles, fish, bunny, and some more all in their natural habitat.

before we reach Porstendorf, Saale river splits into two branches. We may choose between the shorter, more vigorous branch, and a longer more scenic route. The first tour is shorter and passes a beer garden and a camping site at Porstendorf, while the second tour is second is longer and goes along the old branch of the Saale river, making its way passed the Rabeninsel or “Raven’s Island”.

Approcahing Dornburg, we saw in our right the Dornburger Palaces, which comprises of the Renaissance castle, the Rococo castle, and the Old Castle, where Johann Wolfgang Goethe used for holiday.

Throughtout our canoe tour, we paddled by smalls islands, and also experienced small rapid, which made this tour quite adventurous.

This canoe tour ended in Dorndorf-Steudnitz at the “Wasserwanderplatz” picnic area.


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