Pumpkin Carving


One crispy late October in Michigan, and everybody was ready for Halloween. Houses were decorated with spooky ornaments, kids are strolling door-to-door to get some treats. I was still busy hunting my costume when there is an announcement on MSU campus about pumpkin carving contest. I was quite interested to join, since I like carving things. Moreover, my friends Eva & Uni Wenda were also interested in joining it too.

So we went to campus for this occasion on 24 October in East Lansing, about one week before Halloween. We we in a hall with long desk and long bench, and we sit next to one another. Pumpkin and carving tools were prepared by the committee, so I don’t have to bring mine. I drew a rough sketch on the carving design I want to create on the pumpkin. With two carving knives, I carves the pumpkin. It was quite easy to carve on pumpkin, since the pumpkin are soft enough, and big enough to have all my design on it. We have like one hour to carve, and then we have to submit it. Irfan made it after his class to look at my work.

Having all the pumpkin marched in a table, the jury made their judgement. I was uite surprise to hear that my carving won the 1st prize in ‘The Scariest’ category. I got 35 dollar voucher. I was quite happy, since it was my first time to carve on pumpkin, and the first time to win such a carving contest.

After the contest, participants were allowed to bring their pumpkins home. I put my pumpkin on the dining table, with a candle on it, just to put a spooky accent. After few days, the pumpkin got ripe, and I have to put it outside our apartment so it wont be smelly.

Quite a nice experience to have on Halloween.


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